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Storage Unit Space Estimator

Need help deciding on your storage unit size? Our most popular storage options are listed below, along with some suggestions for what you can store in each unit.

5' x 5'

Perfect for clothing, 1 room of furniture or boxed seasonal items.

5' x 10'

Great for appliance storage or small equipment like lawn mowers, or snow blower. Can also house motorcycles or dirt bikes.

5' x 15'

Great for office or household furniture, construction materials, or lawn equipment.

10' x 10'

The perfect size to hold belongings from a typically-sized 1 bedroom apartment or cabin.

10' x 15'

Can easily hold the contents of most 2 bedroom apartments or homes. Can also be used to store sports equipment, excess inventory, files or appliances.

10' x 20'

Larger capacity for seasonal inventory, a single vehicle or construction supplies. Ideal to house the contents of a typical 3 bedroom house or apartment.

10' x 30'

Storage for a single car, commercial truck or a modest-sized boat. Also has sufficient capacity to house the contents of a typical 4 bedroom house.

Still have questions? Contact our friendly staff! We'll be happy to help you decide on the best storage unit for your needs!